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June – Sales and Stories

School is nearly done in Eau Claire, WI, where our little store sits nestled in the beautiful downtown among a sculpture tour, a farm/artist market every week and so many fun and amazing things to do for families.  Here is what we’ve got planned:

March 07 Seuss Story Time 007

June 1st & 2nd  

It’s 50% SALE weekend at the store!!  Kevin will be reading stories on that Friday at 10:30 a.m.  We are offering all children’s clothing, footwear and gear consignment at 1/2 price if it’s been in the store for at least a month!  Only the hand-made gifts and books are not included.  On Friday from 4:00-6:00 you child can come and get creative with Lily in her Crafty Corner.  They can make a fun craft for FREE and Lily handles the assisting and clean-up, freeing you up to browse the sale.

June 8  pexels-photo-675439.jpeg

You scream, I scream, We ALL scream for ICE CREAM!  We are kicking off our summer story time series with a guest reader from Ramone’s Ice Cream Parlor!  What is your favorite flavor?  Mine is Lemon Poppy-seed from Ramone’s!  They are celebrating their one year anniversary in the weeks before being our guest and we are thrilled to say they are a neighbor to the store and just around the corner.  Story Time starts at 10:30 a.m.

June 15   smile-mouth-teeth-laugh-65665.jpeg

Our guest reader this week likes to spend time talking about floss, brushes and paste.  We are thrilled to announce that Martin Dental will be joining us and leading us through our stories and we hear the tooth fairy may even make an appearance.  Join us at 10:30 a.m.

June 22   IMG_7305

Dogs! Dogs!  Doggies!  – – Sound like your kids?  Do they love pets and specifically dogs?  This week our guest reader hails from EmBARK and will include a furry therapy friend to sit with us during story time. We will practice and talk about how to approach peoples pets at 10:30 a.m. on this Friday in addition to reading books.

June 29  pexels-photo-730807.jpeg

SPLAT!  Let’s get creative this week!  Our guest reader is from the Paint Shack.  Her stories are sure to include lots of fun colors and paint.    You don’t have to be creative or know how to paint to make a beautiful work of art at the Paint Shack.  Story Time starts at 10:30 a.m.

Our amazing line-up continues every Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. at our store (129 North Barstow, Eau Claire, WI 54703) through the entire summer.  We will announce July and August soon.

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Summer 2018!

We are all ready for a break from the crazy late snow we’ve had this spring, right?  Here are some things to note at our store for this summer.

STORY-TIME: Fridays at 10:30 a.m.

It’s almost summer and we are working hard on a fun family-friendly line-up of story time guests.  What I can tell you is to save Friday mornings at 10:30 and plan to be at That’s Adorable, watch facebook for the announcement of who the guests will be.  Story time runs every Friday morning but will have special guest readers each week from June 8 (Hint: I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for ICE CREAM!) through August 31.  Kids can obtain a kids club card and attend 10 of the 13, they can pick out their own book to take home. 🙂


Lots of new families have found the store.  Summer hats and shorts (especially in bigger kids sizes) are flying off the shelves, so if you’d like to consign and have kids in sizes 3T-16 year, we’d love to see your summer hats, outfits, shorts and sandals!  Bring them in on a Tuesday 10-5 or Wednesday 12-5, freshly washed unless new with tags.  We currently have an abundance of really fun and cute items in the 0-3 month through 18 month areas.  I could use more preemie and newborn.


With summer approaching, we are making room for new arrivals, but also for you to kick your summer off reading.  50% Sale on select books during the month of May, while supplies last.  Our regular priced books are only $1-$2, so you can afford to say YES, to that plea from your child.  There is a reason the schools send home so many papers and the libraries run reading programs, kids tend to loose some of that reading ability over the summer.  We’d love to be a part of the solution.

First Friday 50% Sales

We switched a few years ago now and we offer this sale on the first full weekend of each month.  Friday from 10-6 and Saturday from 9-3, you can purchase consignment clothing, footwear, kid/baby gear and toys for 1/2 price if it’s been in the store at least a month.

Lily’s Crafty Corner

As part of that First Friday of the month sale from 4:00-6:00 p.m. – – 13 year old Lily offers a fun free craft for kids to participate.  She handles assisting them and the clean-up.  The project is different each month.  It’s part of her 4H Leadership Project, to teach and make art fun – while using as many inexpensive or recyclable materials as she can.

10313465_10152421116156972_3998607374198235417_nWhen you head downtown to the Phoenix Park Farmer’s Market.  Stop by and check-in.  We love visiting with you, the kids and you never know what might be new and just waiting for you that may make you declare, “That’s Adorable!”

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Scones with Santa

Scones with Santa!

Scones with Santa!


This year we are going to try something just a little bit different with our annual event.

We aren’t going to hold this event at the same time as the downtown holiday celebration, we will hold this one week later!

  • Visit with St. Nick from 10:00-1:00
  • Listen to Christmas stories with the Snow Princess from 10:00-12:00
  • Share a scone
  • Shop and receive Buy One Get One FREE on consignment purchases of equal/lesser value (excludes local-made items)

Stop in and celebrate the holidays with That’s Adorable!  Shop Small & Shop Local

Your pocketbook will like adore our prices.

Stories with the Snow Princess!

Stories with the Snow Princess!

Visit with St. Nick!

Visit with St. Nick!

Mark you calendar for Saturday, December 12!

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Credit Cards……Foe or Friend?

Do you carry cash or your checkbook anymore?

Do you think about where the funds are coming from when you lay down that plastic card?

Find these signs at stores?

Find these signs at stores?

When I took over this small store in 2012, maybe 10 people asked to use a card in the first 10 months.  Now, it is a daily occurrence, just 3 years later.  The thing about using your debit or credit card, that I hadn’t even thought about until forced to consider it, is that there are fees for using them.  Those corporate giants, “Visa, Discover, American Express, Mastercard,” they don’t provide these services for free.  There are employees, advertising and overhead costs.  Generally, the merchant where you are shopping get charged the fees for YOU to choose to use your card.  It isn’t really a small amount either.

Well, perhaps it is small to big box retailers, to the small local shops like That’s Adorable it is a huge thing.  Over the past year, I’ve met with three credit reps and investigated three of those devices you plug into your phone like most craft booths use (Square, Intuit, Paypal).

For example:  With the Square Reader, I am charged 2.75% of my total sale to swipe your card and must have internet access to process it.  If your card has to be manually entered, the fee is 3.5% of the sale plus a $0.15 flat fee!  Those reps I told you I met with insist that these readers are not “secure” as well, that you take a chance in information being breached.  In October 2015, most are unaware that you now need a special “chip” reader that you have to purchase for the new cards being released.

For a small store like mine, that operates on consignment say you are purchasing a $2 shirt.  The consignor gets $0.50-$0.80.  The credit card gets $0.06 (or $0.22 if keyed in).  Leaving just $0.98 – $1.44 left to go to the store.  There is rent, phone and other operating costs to having a store front.  NO – I do not take a paycheck.

CHALLENGE:  My family and I are trying our best to use cash at the small local shops we will support this holiday season.  Please consider using cash or only using your card on larger purchases when at small local stores.  The owner will truly appreciate it.  Just think, your pocketbook may as well in the stormy winter months when you do not have those credit bills to pay.

Ipad - Credit Card Processing

Our mini-Ipad is ready, when the internet is connecting properly to accept cards. We ask that you consider cash instead though.

That’s Adorable is now able to accept credit cards.

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October…..the month of Halloween

Kevin's Juggling & Balloons does a unique window display every year!

Kevin’s Juggling & Balloons does a unique window display every year!

Does your family celebrate Halloween?

How about a Harvest Festival of some sort?

Do you let your kids dress-up?  Seek candy?  Attend community events?

How do you decide what to hand out to your neighborhood?  Do you participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project?

The month of October is full of fun fall activities including apple orchard visits, pumpkin patches and trick-or-treating.  In fact, Downtown Eau Claire offers a fun, safe environment for kids 12 and under to trick-or-treat.  This year it will be on Friday, October 30 from 3:00-5:00.

Businesses downtown will offer treats during those hours, That’s Adorable included.  I have organic suckers without all the food dyes and we participate in the teal pumpkin project for kids with allergies (yes, I have kids with allergies) and I will have some sort of non-candy item for those kids.  Plus, we have a Halloween story time offered at 1:30 that afternoon!

Stop by and visit, please be polite, wait your turn and smile!  We usually have 400-500 kids stop to see us on North Barstow.  Which is less than the 1000-2000 on South Barstow.

Oh and if you still need a costume…..don’t pay full retail.  We have plenty available for $1-$15 each!  Stop by soon for the best selection.

These hats are ADORABLE and made locally by Lavender's Green.

These hats are ADORABLE and made locally by Lavender’s Green.

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Surprise! Baby Bump #4!

Yes, the That’s Adorable family will be growing this year.

Surprise, yes we we’re surprised as well!  Baby Schwartz #4 will be making an appearance sometime in early November 2015.

I’ve started to look at my schedule realistically and eliminate extras.

  • Community booths that seem more work than benefit.
  • I’ve put off that Mother’s Day community baby shower I’ve been thinking about for years and had started to plan for this year.
  • I’m toying with closing the store in winter for a few weeks to a month while I have a newborn in my arms.  Or only being open on Friday/Saturday for a month.
  • I’ve announced retirement after more than five years of volunteering for La Leche League of Eau Claire assisting breastfeeding families.

Don’t worry, That’s Adorable is still here with all amazing consignors, gently-used second-hand children’s gear and local-made gifts.  We just may not have as much of a public appearance in the coming months while I struggle through those various pregnancy challenges that plague expecting moms.

Just think, as my third child enters school with her big siblings we will have another little one to greet you when you stop by the store.

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Respect and Kids.

One day I stepped away from the store and left my husband in charge for a short time.  It was a cold snowy day and I was needed for assisting at the kids school for an hour.

Customers did come in, but while I was gone, isn’t that the way it always goes!

The first thing I noticed when I arrived back were all the consignment toys across the floor.  Then WHAM, I see it.  I receive so many nice pictures and notes, left behind by kids that make me smile, but this time a new shopper to the store and my hubby didn’t notice that this child drew across my entire backroom door with a crayon.  Yep, it happened.  I sat reflecting on whether the mother didn’t notice or chose to ignore the mess and crayon and will never know.

I’m laid back about these things at the store and want you and your child to feel welcome, but I appreciate when you assist and remind your kids at age appropriate levels that this isn’t home and we need to pick up.  It is a RESPECT thing.

Being such a small store we spend LOTS of time picking up and trying to keep up with the new arrivals, marketing editing, event planning, rearranging displays, running sales and things like this take a chunk out of our day.

No worries though, I have Young Living Lemon Essential Oil which takes off things like this in a snap.  So my misfortune, will be your gain.  I have a selection of oils available down at the store and would love to answer your questions.  Plus, ask a question here on our blog or share our blog online and I will be giving away one bottle of Young Living Lemon Oil for the little mishaps in your home.  Enter by the last day of July!  Winner announced August 1, just in time for school.

Attached see some of the sweet messages kids (I do not know which ones) have left me and the one I would have rather not received, can you guess which is which?

We have these magnets and a whammer on the back door.  In mid-February I found this message from a kid, not sure which one.  Recently it changed to Happy St. Patricks Day.   Promise, I don't do these!

We have these magnets and a whammer on the back door. In mid-February I found this message from a kid, not sure which one. Recently it changed to Happy St. Patricks Day. Promise, I don’t do these!

Yes, we have a chalkboard fireplace.  I keep the chalk up in case little ones like to eat it, but I found this beauty and it is still there.

Yes, we have a chalkboard fireplace. I keep the chalk up in case little ones like to eat it, but I found this beauty.

After one of our Saturday classes, I found this on the back of our easel.  :)

After one of our Saturday classes, I found this on the back of our easel. 🙂

Yep, hard to see in the picture but this little gift was left for me at the store. :(

Yep, hard to see in the picture but this little gift was left for me at the store. 😦

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Thrift Sale Season

Are you a "sale" sign follower?

Are you a “sale” sign follower?

I sit here and contemplate my Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during the spring/summer.  My husband is a thrifter, in fact, he nearly gives us whiplash if he sees a sign all for the elusive item he didn’t know he thinks he needs for a good deal!

It seems that SO many forget that our little store exists this time of year.

Most of the thrift sales I have stopped at the last 1-2 years, the children’s items are priced at or above where I would price it at That’s Adorable.

That’s Adorable closes the Saturday of the East Hill 90+ thrift sales (May 16, 2015) because I never have any shoppers, yet I see these posts….

  • “ISO:  Boys 18 month+”
  • “Looking for little boys newborn through toddler, I never find any at thrift sales”
  • “Iso 9 month boy summer clothes”
  • “ISO cloth diapers ….. also 9/12 month girl stuff at 3/6, 6/12 month shoes”
  • “I’m looking for girl clothes, sizes 5 – 7. Anyone??”
  • “ISO: Girls clothes sizes 0-12months, 4-5T, and 14-16. Also any baby girl or gender neutral gear!:-)”
  • “Looking for board games. Anyone?”
  • “Iso: infant toys”

I have LOTS of these items in amazing condition from 150 local families!

Obviously, I cannot help you find that coffee table, mission style piece of antique furniture or Wii games but I can help you find great kids clothing, toys, books and locally-handcrafted gifts at reasonable prices.  Especially in those smaller sizes.

So good luck in your pursuit of the best deal, but don’t overspend because you feel it is your only used option!

Remember, to support your small local businesses, we rely on YOU!

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April Fool’s no….Egg Hunt!

The 6th Annual Grand Avenue Egg Hunt is happening on Saturday, April 4 promptly at 2:00!

No foolin…..

This downtown Egg Hunt began with a few business owners, That’s Adorable included, to thank and give back to their customers and consignors.  It has now grown to include 175 kids last year and a long list of downtown Eau Claire businesses!  The Easter bunny visits and you can snap photos.

All this fun takes place despite the Wisconsin weather at Freedom Park on the corner of 1st and Grand Avenue.

At 5 minutes until 2:00, the organizers, count the number of kids age 12 and under and then, guess what, divide that number by the amount of eggs we were able to stuff from the amazing downtown business donations and BAM – the # of eggs you can retrieve is announced.  Yes, I use the math I learned in school!

For this event to happen, we really rely on parents being fair and making sure their kids only take the amount of designated eggs, so that all kids get to participate.

Don’t grab your designated # of eggs too fast, we always have an elusive golden egg and one child will win an amazing Easter basket full of goodies.  We collect the eggs to recycle and provide you with a packet of flyers and coupons from the places that help make this happen!

Remember to shop small, shop local and support those little stores downtown if you want these types of things to still happen next year.

We had 175 kids in 2014, not counting all the grown-up types joining them!

We had 175 kids in 2014, not counting all the grown-up types joining them!

This family stopped by the 2014 egg hunt!

This family stopped by the 2014 egg hunt!

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Welcome Back!

2012 New Ownership

March 01, 2012

Well, I haven’t intentionally left this blog sitting here with nothing on it.  I have a problem where when I write a blog post at the store from the computer there, it will not save or post.  Finding time at home with 4 kids, work and my husbands’ business has been impossible.  The store is still here.  Actually, That’s Adorable turns 9 years old in October and I have officially owned it about 5 1/2 years now.  Stop by and see what is new.

“Mall”ternative Craft Show


Local Craft Fairs!

This will be our 4th year at the Chippewa Valley Montessori Charter School craft show.  This show is an amazing and unique craft show.  Saturday, November 18 from 9-2.  We will have a large selection of our local hand-made gifts from 10 local ladies plus we will bring out the holiday children’s books.  The school is on Cameron Street near the Senior Center and Mayo.  The store will be open (by 10:00 a.m.) and will close a little early in order for us to run the booth.  The hand-made items will all be off site  at the school.

Shop Small Saturday – November 25

custom_social-post-2This is a nation-wide celebration of small businesses.  The aim is to get you to think “outside” the big box stores and support the small local mom/pop shops for your holiday gift giving.  That’s Adorable will offer 25% off EVERYTHING in the store. This is the ONLY day that we run a sale on our local hand-made gifts each year.  There will be other perks, as well.  In the past, we’ve had special canvas shopping bags for the first number of shoppers that day, plus other swag.  Stop by and #shopsmall on Saturday, November 25 from 9-5.

Scones with St. Nick – December 9


Scones with Santa!

Our annual Scones with St. Nick is scheduled for Saturday, December 9.  We will have free local-made scones, St. Nick will be on-site from 10-12 and 1-3 for your pictures.


Bring your camera, there is no charge.  Our Snow Princess will be around to visit with and read holiday stories to your little ones.  Plus, we offer a Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free sale on our children’s consignment.  Still need some items or have a tight budget?  This day will save your holiday shopping for the little ones in your life.  


sorry-were-closed-1There are some holiday dates we will be closed in November and December.  The first is Thursday, November 23 – Thanksgiving and Friday, November 24 – Black Friday.  The second break is December 25 through January 1, for the kids break from school.  We can offer shop by appointment, we will reopen for business hours for winter (January/February) Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


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8th Annual Grand Avenue Egg Hunt

It’s back!  Egg HuntPic

After a one year hiatus, the old-fashioned family fun egg hunt in downtown is returning.  Many small businesses are donating and supporting this hunt as a way to give back to the families in our community.

Our hunt starts promptly at 3:00 and is usually over in about 20-30 minutes!  The Easter bunny usually arrives at 2:30 and will be there until 3:30 for pictures.

2014 Family

This family stopped by the 2014 egg hunt!

Notes for Parents/Caregivers:
1. Respect and Courtesy is modeled by adults for the children. We will announce the day of how many eggs each child may “find” based on donations and attendance at the hunt. Please help your child count and save the other eggs for the other children.
2. We recycle the eggs each year, please bring a container or basket for your treats. We have collection locations for the eggs. There are usually coupons (including one for a free book at That’s Adorable!) for turning in your eggs.
3. Be kind to our vendors and volunteers.
4. This event is 100% volunteer and donation based. Please support the local small businesses downtown and in Eau Claire that make this event possible. Shop Small, Shop Local!

175 Kids!

We had 175 kids in 2014, not counting all the grown-up types joining them!

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We are just one more day away from another cold, snowy month in Wisconsin.  Things are starting to warm up at That’s Adorable.

First Friday 50% SALE 

On Friday, February 3 from 9:00-6:00 we have our monthly 50% off sale.  Usually it just includes consignment clothing that has been here at least a month.  This month however, you can get Consignment Clothing, Shoes, Boots, Snow-gear, Bedding, Baby Gear, Kids Gear, Toys or Books that have been in the store at least a month.  That isn’t all either.  We are extending the SALE to include Saturday, February 4 from 10:00-5:00 and 7:00-9:00!  Many of the downtown businesses have sales, specials, artists and performers on the First Friday, come downtown and shop small, shop local!

In-Store LulaRoe Pop-UpImage may contain: 6 people, people smiling

Saturday, February 4 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. I’ve invited another mom who works from home to have a special sale in-store.  She has new clothing for kids size 2T through adult 3x available.  It’s the most comfortable clothing you’ve ever worn.  Jessica Yentsch of LulaRoe will be here.  Many times their are pop-up parties online, but we are having this in-store so you can stop and try on the styles.  Come and find what your favorite might be….leggings? Irma? Carly?  Those are my favorites.  🙂

Lily’s Crafty Corner   Image may contain: food

My 11-year-old daughter is working to develop a leadership project for her 4H.  She offers a FREE monthly craft for kids, while you shop.  During the school year, the craft is offered on the First Friday of the month after school from 4:00-6:00.  This month she has two Valentine themed inspirations.  She’s calling them love bugs and heart lacing.  She may even have supplies to make a Valentine card.  The one project is based off the one pictured from red ted art.

Valentines Day Balloons!  kjbvdaycollage

Saturday, February 10 from 12-5 and Tuesday, February 14 from 9-3, you can stop at That’s Adorable and purchase balloons for your kids or special someone.

Prices vary from $2-$30 each.  You can order in advance by calling the store.

Kevin’s Juggling and Balloons may even do a window display at the store!

Consignment & Hours

This is our last month for winter hours in 2017.  Open Tuesday 9:00-5:00, Friday 9:00-6:00 , Saturday 10:00-5:00 or shop by appointment.  The last week of February we always change seasons.  You will begin to find shorts and summer wear, just in time for any warm spring break trips.  We are also working on a couple of in-store clean-up projects with the days we are closed, to improve your shopping experience.

Shop Small, Shop Local!

I recently went to book an appointment for my hair, only to discover our stylist had closed and completely disappeared without any trace.  We are now looking for someone new, but it made me think about small business.  It didn’t occur to me to focus on shopping small and local stores until I became a business owner myself.  I find it really sad when a local restaurant, store or service closes.  If you want to be sure these small family run businesses are here when you need/want them, be sure to stop and check-in especially in crazy weather months like January/February/July.  Often it is challenging to just make the rent for small stores like mine with big box store, franchises, thrift sales and more.  We usually do not have the advertising budgets to afford huge ads, commercials and promotions.   Just remember, even if you don’t need anything, to stop in perhaps you might find something and maybe not, but owners like Kevin and I will be thrilled to chat and greet you with a smile.

Where EVERYTHING makes you declare, “That’s Adorable!” even the prices.  🙂

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Brrr….January is Here.

We are officially on winter hours for January and February.  Open Tuesdays 9:00-5:00, Fridays 9:00-6:00 and Saturdays 10:00-5:00.  We also do shop by appointment any other day, just call the store cell and set up a time.  We are happy to meet you.

Ice Rink!  


Ice Rink – Photo compliments of DECI, Inc.

Officially open for winter 2017!  Directly across the street from That’s Adorable!  Come downtown and skate.  Coming Soon:  We will be offering free hot cocoa or tea in the store on days we are open while the skate rink is available!  Stay tuned to our facebook page for when that is available.

Book Sale!


That’s Adorable – Books

Don’t let the winter blues or bad luck on January 13 get you or the kids down!  We are having a winter book sale!  January 13 and 14  – – Spend $10 in store and receive a free book of your choice.  Are you a teacher?  Show ID and receive 50% off all books for your classroom.  Kids – get double stamps on their kids club cards. Normal price on books is just $1-$2 each!  Book sets not eligible for free item.

First Friday Sale!

Don’t forget, the first Friday of every month is our 50% off sale.  The next sale date is Friday, February 3 from 9:00-6:00.  Mark your calendar.


So much new consignment has arrived in January.  We’ve welcomed one new consignor to our family.  One of our families has moved local and is purging her 4 kids things bringing in LOTS to consign.  We’ve been going “live” on Facebook to attempt to show you most of what is arriving.  Please stop in and shop, the racks are STUFFED!  I would love to not need to have a make the rent sale at the end of the month this year.



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Holidays and Happenings…

Holidays and happenings on North Barstow, Downtown Eau Claire……

Actually, this is just the kid-friendly family happenings at That’s Adorable but I’ll add a few fun events happening downtown that may entice you to stop by the store when visiting our beautiful downtown.


  • 23rd – – Extended Hours 10:00-5:00.  Thanksgiving Story Time and Place-mat Craft at 11:00 a.m. We will read stories about being thankful.  Add to the thankful tree.  Make & Take a place-mat for the holiday.  Asking for a $0.25 donation if you would like to laminate your craft.
  • 24th/25th – – CLOSED – – Happy Thanksgiving
  • 25th – – Stop at the EC Library and your child can write a letter to Santa.  You can write these November 25th-December 9.  Kids will receive a response the week of the 16th.  Fun!
  • 26th – – Shop Small Saturday – – SAVE 25% off on EVERYTHING in the store from 9:00-5:00.  Free “Shop Small Fabric Tote” to the first 12 in-store purchases.  Plus stickers for the kids.


  • 2nd – – First Friday!  Shop 10:00-6:00 and save 50% off on Consignment Clothing, Shoes, Gear and Toys (that has been in the store at least a month, excludes Local Hand-Made, Winter Gear and Books).  Story Time is at 1:30.  Lily’s Crafty Corner will be just coloring sheets – she will be teaching at the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire that evening.  The CMEC will be hosting a “Night at the Workshop” which is a make & take holiday gifts making for kids K-5th event.  Check them out for cost/registration.  It is 5:30-7:00 and limit of 100 kids.  Plus at Phoenix Park at 5:00 p.m. for the “Let it Glow” lighting event by Downtown Eau Claire Inc.
  • 3rd – – 15th Annual Christmastime in the City – 1:00 – 4:30 p.m. @ the State Theatre, 1:00-2:00 at the Library – make a gingerbread house
  • 4th – – Find our Booth at the “Last Stop Christmas Shop” – 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the Lismore Hotel on South Barstow.  No fee to attend.  40+ craft and vendor booths!
  • 10th – – Scones with St. Nick – Join us for our 8th Annual Scones with St. Nick event.  Bring your camera to capture pictures with our Victorian St. Nick.  Read holiday stories with our Snow Princess.  Enjoy a scone treat.  The store is open 9-3, however our event is 10:00-12:00.  Special BOGO Free Consignment Sale also – includes all consignment, equal or less value!
  • 23rd – – Christmas Story-Time at 1:30, followed immediately by a special Lily’s Crafty Corner with a free craft for kids.
  • 25th-Jan. 2 – – CLOSED – Happy Holidays, Enjoy time with your kids, we will be. 

    Special HOURS

  • Tuesday, November 22 – 10:00-5:00
  • Wednesday, November 23 – 10:00-5:00
  • Thursday, November 24/Friday, November 25 – CLOSED
  • Saturday, November 26 – 9:00-5:00
  • Saturday, December 24 – 9:00-3:00
  • Sunday, December 25 until Monday January 2 – CLOSED
  • Other days normal hours


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I’ve been trying to get my blog to save or post now for the last nearly year.  I keeps saying not saved and not posted.  Trying this again as a test.  I’ve even tried getting help on the forums.

Wish me luck.  If this works, I’ll get it updated and work my best to get this happening 1/month as was my goal last year!

Childrens Boutique

Where shopping makes you declare, “That’s Adorable!”

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Bunny…on hiatus!

The Easter Bunny

Our sweet bunny from 2015.

Easter falls in March this year!!

I’m looking at the sweet dresses that arrive in the store and think, why don’t companies make these sweet dresses with sleeves for all our northern states like Wisconsin?  Perhaps there is a conspiracy to sell more sweaters, that then cover up cute little dresses.

Regardless, due to weather in Wisconsin being unpredictable and lack of an adequate indoor location, Eclectica on Grand and That’s Adorable has decided to postpone our annual egg hunt.  It will be back in 2017!

Meanwhile, back inside our snow free store-front on North Barstow, I will be sorting through the baskets, eggs, fancy dresses, ties, suits, dress shoes and hats that arrive to dress up your little one.  We even have some fun local hand-made products to stuff your Easter Basket.


Lavender’s Green Snack Bags $5-$7


Heart of Gypsy Jewelry $2-$19


Lincs & Fins Bibs & Sets $8, $17

Shop Small….Shop Local!

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Winter Hours

2016 will be the start of some new, some old trends, downtown at That’s Adorable!

  1. Winter Hours for January and February – – well we have a new baby in the house that doesn’t like being in the car or being away from home.  It is cold.  It is winter in WI!  This year we will be offering new hours just for two months.
  • Tuesdays 9:00-5:00
  • Fridays 9:00-6:00
  • Saturdays 10:00-5:00
  • Shop/Consign By Appointment – Call 715-864-0883


We have also just launched the first Adorable E-Newsletter!  This will be an email that reminds you of upcoming sales as well as gives you an inside track to see the new arrivals of the week!!

We will continue our monthly “First Friday” 50% off Consignment Clothing Sale.  Our two $1 sales will be in April & September.

Story Time will continue Fridays at 1:30

We shall see what else the year brings………as always though we will bring you kids consignment and prices that you will adore!

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