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Down Time

I work two jobs, plus being a mom of 3 and a wife.  I often feel bad that I do not blog enough, or that I’m behind on posting pictures of new arrivals at the store.

Wake-up call for me on Monday.  I now have stitches in an odd spot near my right arm and shoulder and am under doctors orders to rest for  a week and to not end up pulling out the stitches which are scheduled to be removed in two weeks.  It was a rough night last night and my kids slept through the night!  It is hard to get comfortable when you get random stabs of pain, so I’m attempting to lay low and take it easy for a couple of days at least.

I’m sure other moms can relate.  How are you NOT supposed to lift your child, raise your arm, etc.  

Stop in and see me at the store, where I will be less than stellar dressed due to my inability to get most shirts on/off by myself.  I will be trying to not get behind on putting out the new consignment and cleaning up after visitors.

Blessed week to you all and be thankful for the use of your arm.

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1000s and 1000s of $1 Deals!

Did I mention that when we remodeled we pulled 1000s of children’s clothing items and shoes?

We are having a HUGE Remodeling extravaganza this weekend, April 4 & 5.

Thats Adorable

Sneak Peek at our new racks!

April 4: Open 10:00-8:00

Balloon Guy – twisting for kids at various times all day

1:30 – Story Time with guest reader: Hillarie Roth of WWIB Radio 


Meet Hillarie!

3:30-4:30 & 6:00-8:00 – Bring your camera and have your photo taken with the Easter Bunny

Kids can also earn a free book – inquire within the store for details

April 5: 9:00-5:00

Balloon Guy – twisting for kids at various times throughout the day

10-11 & 2-3 – Visit the Easter Bunny

Kids earn a free book – inquire at the store for details


Let me know what you think of the new store layout, colors & design – – plus we have two new local crafters selling unique gifts at the store with more to come soon!

L.E. Designs

Look on Facebook to win something from our newest local crafter!


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