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Computer Challenges & Wish Lists!

So my goal was to post on the store blog, one or two times a month, just to get started.

I realized that I haven’t done anything on here since August, well, the reason is computer-related.  Needless to say a new laptop is at the top of the wish list for That’s Adorable this holiday season.

We often refer to this 15-year-old laptop, (which was a gift for free and allowed me to computerize things down here – for which I am grateful) as the Dinosaur.  It takes its own sweet time, constantly drops the internet connection, you must have it plugged in – replacement batteries aren’t worth the cost if this style is even still available.

I cannot even begin to describe my tears when I’m on putting together a collage for promotions or story time and it goes down and I have to recreate things many times a day.  (insert:  sobbing store owner)  -OR- that I can check someone out by hand before it actually opens my sales receipt page!

Well, all this got me to thinking about wish lists.   Kids have them for birthdays and holidays. As an adult, my wish list, has more turned into a bucket list with categories:  Things I would like to learn, Things I would like to do in my life, Things I would like to do with my family before the kids are grown.  Well this last year has me developing a NEW wish list – – one for the store!

That’s Adorable Wish List 2015

1.  New Laptop with reliable wireless internet!

2.  Security System with camera – hence the need for a laptop that can handle the feed as well!

3.  Folding Changing Table for the bathroom wall – – what Children’s Store doesn’t have a changing table?  This one, for now!

4.  Bathroom Remodel, well you have to make room for that new changing table!  I’m inspired to invite regular kid shoppers to paint their hand and leave their mark for the border in there.  Hmmm…..I’ll have to think about that some more.

5.  Positive word of mouth and online reviews posted by our customers

6.  A Happy and Healthy Holiday to all our past, present and future customers, consignors and friends.

Well, what is on your wish/bucket list?

Where shopping makes you declare, "That's Adorable!"

Where shopping makes you declare, “That’s Adorable!”

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