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3 Years and Counting!!

Let’s Celebrate!

On March 1, 2012 – – I became the new owner of That’s Adorable in downtown Eau Claire.

We have seen some tough challenges.

  • Why does no-one shop in January/February?
  • Furnace Issue for two entire winters!  Hey it even went out on Christmas Eve and 5 times in one day!
  • Birds in the furnace room, I’m sure the maintenance team thought I was nuts!

We have had some amazing experiences.

  • Store Remodel in February 2014!  Amazing and I will never be able to thank the crew that made that possible enough.
  • Downtown Booths, Parades & Egg Hunts – so much fun!
  • Story Time and the many guests we have had as readers over the last few years, I’ve met some amazing locals. Plus I shed a little tear as some of my kids move on to full-day school and only attend in the summer time. 😉

All I have to say is THANK YOU all!

Please continue to share, encourage and let me know your ideas for the store and we will see what the next 3 years will reveal.

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