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Credit Cards……Foe or Friend?

on November 5, 2015

Do you carry cash or your checkbook anymore?

Do you think about where the funds are coming from when you lay down that plastic card?

Find these signs at stores?

Find these signs at stores?

When I took over this small store in 2012, maybe 10 people asked to use a card in the first 10 months.  Now, it is a daily occurrence, just 3 years later.  The thing about using your debit or credit card, that I hadn’t even thought about until forced to consider it, is that there are fees for using them.  Those corporate giants, “Visa, Discover, American Express, Mastercard,” they don’t provide these services for free.  There are employees, advertising and overhead costs.  Generally, the merchant where you are shopping get charged the fees for YOU to choose to use your card.  It isn’t really a small amount either.

Well, perhaps it is small to big box retailers, to the small local shops like That’s Adorable it is a huge thing.  Over the past year, I’ve met with three credit reps and investigated three of those devices you plug into your phone like most craft booths use (Square, Intuit, Paypal).

For example:  With the Square Reader, I am charged 2.75% of my total sale to swipe your card and must have internet access to process it.  If your card has to be manually entered, the fee is 3.5% of the sale plus a $0.15 flat fee!  Those reps I told you I met with insist that these readers are not “secure” as well, that you take a chance in information being breached.  In October 2015, most are unaware that you now need a special “chip” reader that you have to purchase for the new cards being released.

For a small store like mine, that operates on consignment say you are purchasing a $2 shirt.  The consignor gets $0.50-$0.80.  The credit card gets $0.06 (or $0.22 if keyed in).  Leaving just $0.98 – $1.44 left to go to the store.  There is rent, phone and other operating costs to having a store front.  NO – I do not take a paycheck.

CHALLENGE:  My family and I are trying our best to use cash at the small local shops we will support this holiday season.  Please consider using cash or only using your card on larger purchases when at small local stores.  The owner will truly appreciate it.  Just think, your pocketbook may as well in the stormy winter months when you do not have those credit bills to pay.

Ipad - Credit Card Processing

Our mini-Ipad is ready, when the internet is connecting properly to accept cards. We ask that you consider cash instead though.

That’s Adorable is now able to accept credit cards.


2 responses to “Credit Cards……Foe or Friend?

  1. Michaelle James says:

    Hi! I have a 7 year old grand daughter in Golden, CO that I want to send some gymnastics tights and leotards to her in January for her birthday, do you have any size 7/8 ?

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